Thursday, April 12, 2012

Excuses week

This week we saw some interesting excuses for stupid behavior. Let's start with Buffalo Common Councilmember Damone Smith. After his wife was caught trying to steal thousands of dollars in a phony check cashing scam, Smith tried to portray her as an innocent victim. Nice try, Smitty. Your wife is clearly a thief. She knew she was benefiting financially by signing someone else's name on checks. For her to continue doing so after the first check, shows clear intent to steal. Obviously, she's not a victim but a thief, and we're glad she was caught.

Then, there was Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen who got in trouble by saying he admired Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Nothing like alienating half of your fans as the season starts. After realizing he was about to be run out of town, Guillen said his comments were "lost in translation" from Spanish to English. He didn't say he admired Castro. He really said he wanted to torture him and throw him off a mountain.

Ridiculous excuse number three goes to CNN's Anderson Cooper. Laughing like a schoolgirl, he said about Dyngus Day, "It's really so stupid." People in Buffalo really don't care about his comments, however he made them worse by lying. He now says his comment wasn't about the absurdity of Dyngus Day, but rather his inability to stop laughing during the segment. First of all, he needs therapy. Secondly, he's f.o.s. Dyngus Day is absurd. It's meant to be. It's supposed to signify the end of lent to Polish Catholics. That's what makes it so fun to those who celebrate it. All Cooper did in this segment was show how out of touch he is with the common viewer. I don't mind when people get caught saying/doing stupid things. After all, we are all human. Just can't stand the lies. Do these people really think the rest of us are that stupid?


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