Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Then and now

The man who killed a defenseless four year old nineteen years ago, is up for parole again. Now 32, Eric Smith committed the unspeakable crime when he was just 13. I don't envy the parole Board.

I do think Smith should remain in prison, for the protection of society. This case reminds me of the Niagara Falls sociopath William Schrubsall. Schrubsall beat his mother to death the night before he was supposed to deliver his high school valedictorian speech. Psychiatrists pleaded for his release, claiming he was reformed and would not be a threat to society. Schrubsall committed some minor sexual assaults and fled the area. Years later, he was found in Canada living under an assumed identity. In Canada, he had committed numerous violent sexual assaults against young women.

Sadly, Smith is right where he has to be. I've seen interviews with him and actually feel sorry for him. There is no doubt he was terrorized for the way he looked and acted as a child. However, what he did is evidence of a sociopath. I think it would be a big risk to let him out again. I'd be interested in hearing other people's thoughts on this one.

19 years later, kid who killed faces us again

Teen killer speaks out 16 years later:


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  1. none of us know if he is changed or not. i think if he was relesed to a halfway house having to speak with counselors/psychitrist daily, might work. letting him know that he has to be on his best behavior in odrer to maintain his freedom, if he gets one strike he goes back. i think its more about what his family thinks, if they dont believe its a good idea then he probabley shouldnt be let out. being picked on is no excuse for murder but it cant not to be taken into consideration.