Thursday, April 19, 2012

When one domicile equals two residences

You didn't need to read the Buffalo News today to know this was going to happen. We explained to our readers two weeks ago that Bryan Bollman was a South Buffalo resident in name only. He is being championed by a group that simply wants to put politics ahead of the district. This group is led by Councilmember Rich Fontana, who coincidentally, happens to be Bollman's boss.

Bollman's voter registration record on file with the Erie County Board of Elections earlier this year indicated he lived on Gold Street in Lovejoy. His record was subsequently updated in late March.

Bollman also collected signatures on a candidate petition last year for Fontana's re-election bid, and on the documents he attested that he lived on Gold Street. On a petition dated July 11, 2011, a copy of which was obtained by The Buffalo News, Bollman listed the Gold Street address, which is not in the South District.

So, clearly this charade and affront to the residents of South Buffalo is over. What annoys me is the outright B.S. that is now coming from the perpetrators...

Fontana does not believe the situation is that cut-and-dried and has asked Corporation Counsel Timothy A. Ball for a legal opinion.

"A man can have many residences," but only one domicile, said Fontana, who likened the situation to people who are snowbirds and are registered to vote in one place, while they may live in two.

Is he kidding us with this ridiculous nonsense? Two residences! Come on, Rich. This is the type of crap you said you were against when you ran against David Czjyka fifteen years ago. The Buffalo News might be dumb enough to buy it, but the residents of South Buffalo will not be. Tell Tim Ball not to waste his time or our money studying it. If Bollman was a non-politically connected person, he would have been thrown off immediately (just like the Seneca Street business owner from the West side who tried to run). Domicile? How about getting away from the political nonsense like this and lower taxes and bring jobs into the city.

Council candidate's eligibility questioned

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