Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fontana putting politics ahead of S. Bflo residents

It appears as though the Rich Fontana-led Common Council is going to appoint Brian Bollman to fill the shoes of outgoing Councilman Mickey Kearns. If that name doesn't ring a bell, it shouldn't. Bollman has never been an active resident of the South District. I believe he moved here two years ago from another part of the city. Surprise surprise. He works as an aide to Fontana himself in the Lovejoy district.

So now, the Common Council will effectively have two Lovejoy members and zero South Buffalo representatives. Personally, I could care less. It's not like any of these Councilmembers are needed anyway. Kearns' seat could stay vacant for ten years and it wouldn't affect you or I one bit. However, I believe Fontana is underestimating the residents of the South District (many of whom read this blog weekly). This is clearly a political move on his part.

Fontana's going to get in front of the microphones and say Bollman has the best resume.

Personally I Think That's A Load Of Crap
He's going to act as if they actually look at qualifications before making their selection. We all know this is a load of B.S. I'm not thrilled with either of the two neighborhood candidates with solid backing (Whalen or Fisher). But at least they both have lived in South Buffalo. Despite what Fontana will say to the press, it's simply an effort to get another rubber stamp for Mayor Brown on the Council.

There are ten other candidates vying for this appointment, and nine of them actually live in the district. I would encourage the ten candidates to bring as many supporters as possible down to Council chambers on 4/16 at 9:30AM to show Rich Fontana that we don't appreciate him interjecting blatant politics into the appointment. In fact, with Bollman being one of his staffers, he should recuse himself from the vote. I would also encourage residents to talk to Councilmember David Franczyk. He represents the anti-Brown faction of the Common Council and might be able to publicly question Fontana's motives. This move represents City Hall politics at it's worst. I can't imagine the residents of South Buffalo allowing this to happen without a great fight. I'm surprised Councilmember Fontana doesn't see it. He's about to be in the eye of a hurricane.


  1. why dont you run mike, so when the votes come in then we can all see what a loser you are. stick to your "blog".

  2. Cant run for S district. ran in 2001. after i won my neighborhood, they had it changed from South to Lovejoy. so now i live outside the district. Looks like Im going to run against "Late term abortion" Kennedy for St Senate. If I get 1% of the vote, im still not as much of a loser as you. congrats on signing your name.

  3. i love how a post about 10 other people elicits a comment about me. people must be right. they keep telling me you guys hate my blog because they know its the truth and they know citizens read it. see you on the 16th.

  4. can you do a post on the corruption within south buffalo soccer during the 90s? it didnt get much airtime due to the gulf war and oj but now its time. i played in those sb indoor leagues and one thing that made me laugh is what team overdorf used to do in games. this guy is a mixture of bernie madoff and bill belichik. in indoor soccer there was 3 lines a b and c. c being set aside for the beginners. but this guy use to stack his c line with A line players lol. and that way he could put up easy points to assure himself vicotry. talk about taking the fun outa the game. i recall during a tosh championship one of his players taking a dive that set up a penalty shot that won the game.

  5. You bring up an interesting topic. I have to defend Gene O as he was one of the few who tried to play by the rules. The problem was it was up to the coaches to pick the lines. I took over the league 4 years ago. The 1st thing I did was change it from one 6-9 yr old league to two leagues (6/7 and 8/9). Instead of 3 lines, we now have 2 (an A and a B). The B are the 6 least athletic players that night (as determined by the referee.)The coaches have been completely eliminated from picking the lines as they always "sandbagged." The coaches still try to send marginal A line players out on the B line. I look over on the bench and switch the players myself now. That's the way it should have been done when you played.

    The worst example I can think of is the mailman who insisted on keeping Patrick Kane on the B line, in spite of him being the best player in the league. Then, there was coach "Juan". His idea of "coaching" was finding the 3 best players in the league and having their parents request him as a coach.The best story involving him was told to me by one of the coaches. At a parent's draft, he stood up and said the Greenway brothers'(two very good athletes) father would be coaching with him, so he needed to have both of them on his team. Then, an alert parent pointed out to him that Mr. Greenway was stationed over in Iraq at the time.

  6. juans responsible for the 'toe of god' play that was used everytime his players touched the ball