Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wegman's and alcohol

It's amazing how one incident in a neighborhood supermarket can become national news overnight. A Muslim teenaged cashier at a Rochester Wegman's requested not to sell alcohol or pork products in her line. Clearly not wanting to violate her rights, the manager told customers with pork or booze to find another line...

One Rochester Wegmans location caused a stir when it posted a sign near the young woman’s line that read, “If your order contains pork or alcohol product, we respectfully ask that you choose another lane.”

The Wegman's big wigs said this decision by a store level employee went against company policy. They added that making such accommodations for religious or lifestyle reasons was impractical. Obviously, they were right. The Muslim-American employee knew when she accepted the job that the store sold beer and pork products.

The fact that it was even up for debate demonstrates how tolerant Americans are and how overly politically correct some have become. I don't question the sincerity of this young woman's beliefs. However, she might want to consider finding another job within the store. Now, excuse me while I have some pork chops and get drunk.


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