Monday, April 16, 2012

Radford must be on drugs

Sam "the Grandstander" Radford is calling for students at the lower performing schools to transfer into better schools, because, you know, all of a sudden, they'll learn how to read Shakespeare and behave in class. You see, it's not the fault of the underachieving students or their parents. It's the teachers who are at fault. Just to show how ridiculous Radford is, he is calling for chronically poor students to be transferred into City Honors and Hutch Tech. Where does he buy his marijuana anyway?...

"Even if you want to transfer, it's not like you have high-quality options that are available," she said. "Parents don't really have a choice."

Radford said he is prepared to challenge the legality of the district's decision not to offer schools such as City Honors and Hutch-Tech as transfer options.

Hey idiot: The reason City Honors and Hutch Tech are good schools is because they are selective in who they choose to go there. Does Radford really think the parents of the high achieving students want to have their kids sit next to disruptive students? And that's exactly what many of the students at the lower achieving schools are: disruptive. Here's a crazy idea: How about ending the flimsy excuses and start holding the parents of these chronically disruptive students accountable? It's not the schools that are under-performing. It's the particular students at the schools. But really, Radford doesn't care about that. He just wants to see his face on TV and his name in the paper and make all sorts of ridiculous and outlandish complaints.

Students' right to transfer is cited in city



  1. Hutch tech is not a good school.I have interviewed many for jobs over the last four years and i am shocked by how unprepared they are. Many use slang ,show up wearing ball caps and i have noticed they do not have the cognitive skills of the applicants from the suburban districts. My guess is they have already lowered their standards .

    1. I'm told that da Vinci passed Huth Tech several years ago as the 2nd best public high school in Bflo. Emerson might even be slightly better than HT these days. It's still better than schools like Burgard, Grover, East,Riverside, and Bennett. Those schools are outright zoos.