Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Buffalo Common Council should be part time

Is not having a representative on the Buffalo Common Council affecting your life? Mine either.

Outside of the annual city budget, they don't do anything that existing city departments don't already do. It makes me wonder why we are paying each of them $52,000, in addition to two full time staff members.

They are simply the middlemen between frustrated citizens and city hall department heads. Why not make them part time? They can actually go out and get regular jobs (I know this is hard for some people to comprehend). Replace them with two or three clerks who can put citizens in touch with the appropriate departments when a concern/complaint takes place? Seriously, what else do they do all day?

I haven't heard one resident yet tell me they have been affected by South Buffalo's current lack of "representation." The only thing the job of Councilman does is provide a full time salary to another politician. We simply would be better off with less of them.


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