Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Letter to the editor- Sore loser?

When I scolded Mickey Kearns in this column for his verbal about face on Sheldon Silver one week after the election, I felt I had the right to do so. One of the reasons the non-political constituents voted for Kearns, was his pre-election declaration that he would "never" support Silver. So when he gave the Buffalo News a wishy washy politically correct response on Silver, I expressed my displeasure with it.

For a member of the South Buffalo politically entitled class to do the same is the height of hypocrisy, however. According to the attached letter, the letter writer is devastated by Kearns' post-election comments. If you didn't know any better, you would think she was an upset Kearns' supporter and not a card carrying member of the Byron Brown/Brian Higgins Fan Club. But I guess, years of lies by Higgins, Tim Kennedy, and Byron Brown (all people she supports), haven't left as much of a negative impression on her.

Chris Fahey's attempted "anointing" was one big lie, albeit a failed one, by the neighborhood political degenerates. In fact, the only people who even knew Fahey were his relatives, the Bflo News Editorial Board, Silver himself, and the the neighborhood committeemen (all people looking to preserve the status quo). When questioned by reporters before the election, even Higgins' dog said he had never heard of Fahey.

God bless the South Buffalo phonies. These are the same diehard Catholics who will be supporting Kennedy over me this summer, despite his support for late term abortions. Obviously, they pick and choose who and what they are "outraged" by based on what the candidates can do for them. That's ok, though. Your Blogger will be here to set the record straight...

Too many candidates do about-face after election

For as long as I can remember—I think it began in fourth grade, a very long time ago—I was taught that the right to vote was a privilege and that I had an obligation to become informed and make my decision and choice based on the issues and what was best for the country, or the county, or the city and my fellow citizens.

So, in the recent special election for assemblyman in the 145th District, I listened, I read, I watched both candidates lay out what they felt were the most important concerns of the district and how they would approach and work to fulfill their goals for their constituents. On March 20, I and about 12,000 other citizens cast our ballots for the person we felt could best serve us.

Two days later, in this very paper, I read that the winner, who adamantly stated over and over again that if elected he would never work with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, proclaimed, “that was stuff that was said during the campaign.” I’m not so naive as to believe that everything said in the heat of a campaign is carved in stone, but this really hit me in the pit of my stomach. Two days after the election, a complete turnaround without missing a beat. Makes you wonder, does it even matter anymore? I still think it is a true privilege to vote, but I would hope that those who seek public office, which is a public trust, would speak honestly about their real intentions.

Patricia Crowley

Too many candidates do about-face after election


  1. HaHa... Mrs. perfect Pat Crowley has spoken... She's been bad mouthing Mickey all over sb for months... guess what Pat, nobody likes what you say, or listens to you... so shut your mouth. What does she know about work or politics anyway?

    Everybody flaps their mouths in politics but eventually you'll have to meet with your adversaries and work together. That's called being a professional. What did you expect him to do first day on the job, start a fight with Silver? Let his voting speak for him not your old mouth!

  2. I do not remember Kearns ever saying he wouldn't work with Mr. Silver, I remember him saying he wouldn't vote him, the vote isn't until january so we will see if he keeps his word. He has to work with him if he expexts to get anything done.

  3. It is one thing to attack politicians that put themselves in the public eye, but it is another thing to go after a private citizen who writes a letter to the editor. It is very easy to trash someone when cowardly sitting behind a computer screen. I guarantee that the blogger and the anonymous author would never say these words to someone's face.

  4. S Bflo residents who supported Byron Brown need to be exposed for what they are. I don't have anything against Mrs C personally. It's just the letter was an attempt to fool the readers into thinking she was a disgruntled Kearns supporter. I probably wouldn't say anything to anyone's face because I don't waste my time talking politics when I'm out in the community. Let's get to the real reason why you don't like what I wrote. The fact it's the truth.

    Not many people in this neighborhood have the courage to think for themselves, my anonymous friend.