Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And then there were about eight

The quest to replace outgoing Councilman Mickey Kearns has turned into a three ring circus.

-One candidate lives on the West side. Another lives in West Seneca, but it doesn't matter because she's a registered Republican, anyway. The Board of Elections has Wayne Mack listed as a Republican, but he's really a Democrat. He says he's going to wait until the September primary. I hope he runs, as Mack is smarter than both Tim Whalen and Matt Fisher combined.

-Bryan Bollman moved into South Buffalo about a year ago from Lovejoy, but Lovejoy Councilman Rich Fontana says politics won't come into play. He says it's all about the interview.

Council President Richard A. Fontana, of Lovejoy, said he believes that the interviews “will play a big role” in determining the appointee.

Sure they will. About the same as they would for any other job in city hall. Everyone knows politics will dictate the appointment. The interview itself is irrelevant, and Fontana knows this.

-Lots of questions surround Mickey Kearns' handpicked candidate, Matt Fisher. It's not too often you get to hear someone talking about you behind your back, unaware that you see and hear everything. When someone is polite to your face and then talks down about you behind your back, the appropriate word is condescending. All I can say is it's going to be a long summer.

-I'm still waiting to see what he did for a living before Mickey Kearns named him as one of his assistants. College degree? Associates Degree? GED? Maybe Bryan Bollman is the best choice after all.

-Another unnamed city of Buffalo employee turned in an application letter, which could describe just about any worker in city hall...

A city worker turned in a letter seeking the appointment, but the document did not appear to be credible. In his letter, the employee said his qualifications included that he liked turtles, has “trouble focusing” and had “a hidden agenda.”

Field ‘wide-open’ to fill South seat



  1. My sources tell me Fishers got it.

  2. Overdorf will win in November.