Thursday, April 12, 2012

Baltimore hate crime caught on tape

You may have seen this disturbing video going around from downtown Baltimore. A drunk tourist, who happened to be white, is beaten and stripped of his clothes for no apparent reason. His $1,300.00 watch and wallet is stolen. Fortunately, his assailants were dumb enough to post the video onto YouTube, which should lead to their arrest. Both blacks and whites should be outraged at the senselessness of the attack. No word yet on whether Al Sharpton will be on his way to protest the lack of arrest in this case. Still waiting to see if Spike Lee or Roseanne Barr Tweet the perpetrators home addresses.

Always politically correct, CNN covers the story without mentioning race. Had a black man been savagely beaten by a group of white folks, the talking heads would be calling it a hate crime.


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