Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fahey hiding from his support of cockroach Sheldon Silver

If you're reading this, you must be one of a few "crazy soccer parents' who read the blog, according to the South Buffalo political derelicts who, based on the number of comments I get from them, can't get enough of it, either. I guess it's not enough for them to simply label me as crazy. Now, if you subscribe to the blog, you must be crazy as well. So, just keep looking at the big screen, do what they say, and pay no attention to that man behind the curtain...

The topic of today's discussion is Assembly Speaker/scum of the earth, Sheldon Silver. If you're not aware of Silver, he's one of the "three men in a room" who have controlled Albany and the state of New York for the past 40 years. Another member of the three, Joseph Bruno, was convicted of eight counts of corruption in 2009, and is reportedly keeping a bunk warm for Silver. Local candidate Mickey Kearns held a press conference today in which he denounced Silver and vowed to vote against him should the voters send him to Albany...

Today he challenged his opponent — Christopher J. Fahey — to do the same.

"People want independent leaders; they don't want a puppet bought and paid for by Shelly Silver," Kearns said. "The more you get to know [Silver], the more you want to get rid of him."

Fahey did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Of course Fahey didn't return the call. He had to call Brian Higgins and ask him what lie he should say. Would you return the call, if your campaign was being funded by Silver and his New York City special interests? Not only are these interests not helpful to Western New Yorkers. They can often times be harmful (see Silver's failed support of UB's 2020 last year. In this article from the Buffalo News, Fahey supporter Mark Schroeder labels Silver an "obstructionist." I guess it's ok now that Silver is supplying his candidate with money.)

This is all you really need to know about Fahey. He calls himself independent, but is anything but. His campaign is being financed by one of the most corrupt political people in the entire country! One thing's for sure: Silver needs to go. Fahey is simply a puppet, doing what he is told. In this case, it's accepting financial support from New York City criminals beholden to Sheldon Silver. I will now hold my breath and wait for Fahey to take a stand and denounce Silver. OK, I give up...

Kearns vows to vote against Silver as race heats up

PS. Take a look around the neighborhood and see who has Fahey signs on their front lawns. They are the same old, tired political degenerates found on every block in South Buffalo. Does this lad know anyone from the private sector? I don't know why candidates still put their signs on these peoples' lawns. It's almost like a death sentence. Everyone knows if these lowlifes are supporting the person, they (the candidate) must be part of the corrupt local political machine the majority of us have had enough of. Seriously, is there anyone who sees a sign on the lawn of the ethically challenged Lou Petrucci and says, "Now that's someone I'm going to vote for"? I would hope to God the majority of my neighbors aren't that stupid.



  1. It's like Jeff Conrad all over again!


  2. Just ordered my Fahey sign today. Can't wait until he beats Mickey. Maybe I can get a job out of it!

  3. It is funny that Mark Schroeder had always said how bad Silver was and how he took him on in Albany, but now it is OK for Sheldon(or his groups) to send mega money to finance Fahey.Ouch!! Mark has lost my family's "Trust" and we will not support him anymore.

  4. Yep. What do you expect, Mike? If you can't beat them honestly, attach a dump-truck full of money to the back end of Western New York and pour out the money till you get your way. Hopefully the voters of the 145th can see through this garbage.

  5. Usually the hacks have something to say to try and justify their corrupt behavior, yet I see no comments defending taking money from Silver's cronies. What could they possibly say in this case? The silence is deafening.

  6. After Higgins, Schroeder,and Kennedy endorsed Byron Brown they should have been chased out of south Buffalo . Shame on anyone that keeps these do nothings in office.

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