Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fahey's claim put to scrutiny

Chris Fahey's 11,000 door claim is so ridiculous, it makes you wonder what future lies he has in store for the public. I'm not going to be one of those people that shrugs their shoulders and says, "all politicians lie." Chris Fahey hasn't been elected to anything yet. An attempted anointing is taking place. This kid walked right out of college into an $80,000/yr job. He's never had to undergo an interview in his life. Right now, he's being interviewed by the residents. His outlandish claim is akin to lying during an interview.

Residents need to know who they are voting for. Otherwise, we're simply going to be stuck with more of the same. A reader named Kevin broke down the numbers of Fahey's claim in what I think is a pretty good analysis. You be the judge...

Hey Mike,

So you say that Chris Fahey claims he went door to door... and stopped at 11,000 homes.

Really?... well... lets look at that. And lets assume that he did visit 11,000 homes... and lets guess that he spent an average of only... say... 6 minutes per visit:

Lets do the math:

11,000 homes
x 6 minutes/visit (that includes time spent walking from house to house)
66,000 minutes... or...

1,100 hours...or...

137.5 days (full 8 hour days - no break)...or...

27.5 weeks ( a 5 day week / Mon-Fri)...or...

6.9 months

Really???... he's claiming he went door to door... all day long... for 8 hours straight without a break... every week day... for 6.9 months!!??!!

I don't think so.



  1. Mike and John Nash,

    He started walking last June, which is 8 months a day. Also he said he knocked on 11,000 doors that doesn't mean everyone was home. Pretty simple.

  2. Nobody I've talked to has even heard of Fahey. who is he? what's he ever done? the few people who do know him say he's been bending over for Higgins since high school. Kearns should be a lock based on the people I've talked to. And 11,000 doors? That's a joke. When did he start campaigning, during Dick Keane's 2nd year in office?

  3. How would it take 6 minutes at each house? Imagine how many people didn't answer the door or weren't home. I'd guess the average time was more like 1 minute per house.

  4. no way. some people will try to talk to you for 15 minutes at a time. he's f.o.s.