Thursday, February 2, 2012

Buddy's pick

Buddy the Book was quick to downplay all the controversy surrounding Tom Brady's comments this week, "Brady's a gamer. He'll show up on Sunday, that I can guarantee you."

Buddy confided that he caught up with New England coach Bill Belichick last week at D'Orazio's Restaurant on Main Street in Clarence. "Bill and I met up to pick each other's brains a little bit and talk Xs and Os before the big game. Remember, it was me who warned this town about Belichick when he was an unknown Defensive Coordinator with the New York Giants."

Buddy was referring to 1990 when the Bills played the Giants in Super Bowl XXV. It was on this day that he endeared himself to the entire city by showing up to work at South Buffalo's Mercy Hospital wearing a Giants jersey. "Everyone is talking pass these days, but Bill and I discussed surprising the Giants by running the ball down their throats. We came up with a plan that should ensure a New England victory."

The Book would like to remind the readers, especially Herbie and the Ninja, that he is 25-5 against the spread when it comes to picking Super Bowls.

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