Sunday, February 26, 2012

Impersonating a Denny's manager

"80% of success is just showing up." Woody Allen

We're all actors in life. This guy just took it a little too far. James Summers, 52, wore a suit and tie and carried a briefcase to his local Denny's Restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin. He told the staff he had been sent by "corporate" and was immediately taking over as the new General Manager. The whole ploy was all so he could fix himself a cheeseburger and french fries without paying...

Madison's police said the real restaurant manager, Tracy Brant phoned her supervisors. When she discovered Summers was not an employee she asked him to leave.

Unmoved, Summers shot back that he had worked for Denny’s for 30 years, and Brant wasn’t going to tell him he couldn’t work there. When Brant asked him how he planned to pay for his $10 meal, he told her he wouldn’t – and couldn’t pay.

In addition to the fraud charges, Summers was also charged with felony possession of an electric weapon, (stun gun) as well as disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Fake Denny’s Manager Arrested After Cooking Own Meal


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