Thursday, February 2, 2012

Schumer should just keep his mouth shut

Who really cares what Tom Brady thinks about Buffalo's hotels? He's a football player. It's not like he's over at Roswell trying to find a cure for cancer. One day, when his career is over, he's going to realize how irrelevant he really is on this earth. In the meantime, he's just another athlete who has mistakenly fallen in love with himself.

The irritating part of non-storys like this one are the politicians who try to use them as a cheap way to promote themselves. For example, Charles Schumer's response to Brady was pretty ridiculous...

Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., fired off a tweet that suggested Rob Gronkowski, Brady's mammoth tight end from Amherst, would be bitter enough about the snub to quit on him. "Hey Tom," Schumer wrote, "why not ask @RobGronkowski how great #Buffalo is? Good luck getting him to catch your passes."

First of all, the Gronkowski's moved out of Western New York like five years ago. Secondly, does Schumer really think an All Pro Tight End is going to stop running his routes because his quarterback said something derogatory about hotels? I'm embarrassed that some imbecile probably gets paid $80,000/year to come up with stupid nonsense like this one for Schumer. Hey Ground Chuck: How about doing something to fix our economy or create jobs so people have a reason to stay in Western New York?

Patriots QB Brady on Buffalo hotels: 'Not the nicest places'


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  1. Brady was just stating his opinion and probably being honest.Who cares what he thinks is right and for Buffalonians to make a big issue and be so sensitive is ridiculous.