Sunday, February 12, 2012

Candidate Fahey tells a Whopper

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” —Adolf Hitler

When it comes to the NY state special election for Assemblyman, I am a neutral observer. I don't plan on voting for either candidate. But when I read this quote from candidate Chris Fahey in Bob McCarthy's column in today's Buffalo News, I had to comment...

• Democrat Chris Fahey said he knocked on his 11,000th door last week in his effort to succeed Mark Schroeder in the Assembly via a March 20 special election. He will face South Council Member Mickey Kearns — a Democrat with GOP backing — in a contest that just about everybody calls a close one.

I'm not calling Chris Fahey a liar. I'm simply saying he is full of shiat. 11,000 doors? There's a difference between a lie and an outright Whopper and this one definitely falls into the latter category. If Fahey has knocked on 11,000 doors, how come he hasn't lost any weight? Has he been going door to door using an electronic wheelchair?

I would bet the number is closer to 500 in reality. Let's not forget, the entitled Fahey makes (I can't say earns) $80,000/year as one of Brian Higgins' prostitutes. (Yes, Bonnie "Garbage Tax" Kane, I did say prostitute. That is what you guys are and the rest of the community knows it.) If he's putting in 40 hours a week for Lord High Pants, when would he even have the time to knock on 11,000 doors? Unless he leaves his $80,000/yr taxpayer funded job at noon every day. That couldn't be. We know his "work" there is way too important for that to happen.

So he wants us to believe he's knocked on 11,000 doors in the dead of winter with it getting dark at 5PM. Give us a break! Looks like the young Fahey lad is well versed in the Brian Higgins School of Fibbing. I mean, seriously. If you're going to exaggerate, at least make it something remotely believable. Did you know I went hunting last week and shot a 54 point buck?...
In this unflattering photo, candidate Fahey is either passed out drunk or tired from knocking on 11,000 doors.

When I showed Buddy the Book the quote from McCarthy's column, he said, "Their playbook is so predictable. Fahey probably knocked on 55 doors and never left McKinley Parkway. $80,000 a year and he's probably never had to interview for a job his entire life." Life is good when you're willing to prostitute your integrity to the political machine. Unfreakinbelievable...

Campaigns on hold awaiting remap

I remember hearing this song in 1978. I was in a car on my way to Canada on a very hot summer day. I never would have thought 34 years later, I'd be reminiscing about such an event. So much has happened since then, but has anything really changed?...


  1. Not saying that 11,000 is accurate, but I know he came to my house over the summer, and many others I know said he knocked on their doors in early summer. Also, I don't live anywhere near McKinley!

    1. 11,000? He's moving into Lou Petrucci territory with that ridiculous falsity. If he's willing to lie about something so trivial, what makes you think he won't lie about everything else? Just say No to career politicians/resume builders.

  2. Most people I talked to about the election, don't know what Fahey has done, besides knocking on doors. If knocking on doors qualifies you to be a NYS Assemblymen , then a lot of scam artists should run also. Also, a lot of people, never heard of him so it looks like an anointing is taking place.

  3. One more political dud courtesy of the biggest con game in local politics, the Jiggins political machine. When are people ever going to wake up in this Siberian sinkhole and start electing some rebels and renegades who will shake things up? Instead, all we ever elect are carefully selected yes-men, coat holders, flunkies and stooges for High Pants. What a scam! Time for Buddy the Book to throw his hat in the ring. Now there's a guy who's not afraid to rock the boat!