Thursday, February 2, 2012

Letter to the editor- Bills' lease

South Buffalo's Marty Farrell took some time off from the Jimmy Buffett concert tour to write a letter to the Buffalo News regarding the Bills' stadium lease. We as a community have to decide where our priorities and limited resources should go.

It's political suicide for the local politicians to oppose funding for the Bills. The billionaire owners have the taxpayers by the short hairs and they know it. Everyone loves the Bills, but I think the collective community is sick of having a gun pointed at it's head. With the recent hopeful news coming out of Roswell, I'd trade the Bills winning 10 Super Bowls for a cure coming out of Western New York. I'm sure everyone reading this has been affected by cancer. What an amazing accomplishment that would be...

Funding Roswell Park is more vital than Bills

I can’t understand Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision to cut funding to Roswell Park while he promises to spend millions of dollars and do everything in his power to see that the Bills stay in Buffalo. The Bills’ economic impact to the area is minimal and is costly to taxpayers. It is just a game, while Roswell Park involves saving lives. Should this topic even be debated?

Martin Farrell


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