Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In case you missed it...

CNN did a national story on the Buffalo teachers Cosmetic Rider in their health care plan. In case you didn't know, this is the ridiculous benefit allowing them to get boob jobs, liposuction, and tummy tucks at no expense (except to the taxpayers). Police and firefighters and their spouses also get this perk.

School teacher Linda Tokarcz (in this clip) looks like Joan Rivers with all the plastic surgery she has received. Dr. Kulwantt Bhangoo says the teachers have "paid their dues" and deserve this benefit. Of course he says that! The 2004 South Buffalo Irishman of the Year is the quack all the teachers are going to for their botox injections and fake breasteses.

Buffalo Teachers Federation President Phil Rumore argues in this piece that the teachers are willing to give up this benefit if the school board comes to the table to negotiate their contracts. Until then, Buffalo, the 3rd poorest city in America will continue to be looked at as a laughingstock because of ridiculous stories like this. Memo to Buffalo school teachers: Don't listen to a word Lou Petrucci says. Watch this clip and you will know he is not on your side. He is known to talk out of both sides of his mouth and will not negotiate in good faith. Fortunately for you, he's a terrible liar and will be easy to figure out. Don't take anything at his word, or you will live to regret it...

Video: A school district offers teachers free plastic surgery.

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  1. Mike, I know the cosmetic rider sounds ridiculous but here is some information, as explained to me by union delegates ( applies to teachers, cops, and fireman). The union contracts, as agreed apon by the city and unions, call for 4 health care plans. ( I know, sounds like alot, but of you look at the salaries of other area teachers, fireman, cops you'll see Buffalo is paid alot less ). The city use to offer two plans from blue cross blue shield and two from independent health. In recent years the city, without negotiating ( illegally) began offering these workers only two plans from blue cross blue shield. One of the blue cross plans includes a cosmetic rider. None of the unions negotiated specifically or fought for this rider. Blue cross threw in the cosmetic rider ( probably cause they knew they could charge the city tons of money for it). The city should have never agreed to this health are plan during negotions since it was a non issue for the unions ( possibly a pay off to high ranking officials from blue cross???). UnfOrtunately, the cosmetic rider is a benefit offered to these workers. Why should they give it back when a politically appointed state control board froze their wages for 3 years? Please place the blame where it belongs.