Thursday, February 2, 2012

Occupy Buffalo

So much for their great relationship with city hall. The Occupy Buffalo crew was de-occupied from Niagara Square during the middle of the night last evening. They've decided to occupy the Main Place Mall, instead. Mall owners are reportedly thrilled. The 12 additional shoppers will help double last weeks total...

A few hours earlier, Fillmore Council Member Dave "Nostradamus" Franczyk assures WIVB's viewers that the protesters won't be "pushed out against their will". That was right before 10 protesters were arrested, their personal belongings thrown onto city dump trucks...



  1. What right do these low-life leaches have to stay there?

    For one, they are ruining the property. Two, this is technically a public park, right, just like the other 100 parks in the City of Buffalo that the "99%" of Buffalo residents have to be OUT of by 10:00 pm.

    I can't run a youth football organization without permission and a permit from the City, that I PAY for, of course.

    I can't play in a slowpitch softball league at Deleware park, without a permit and league fees.

    "1%". What a joke. Put HALF of your time that you use to "occupy" Buffalo and go out and get a job. Why do that though when you could have everything handed to you,right?

  2. Won't post my latest rant Mike? You know, the one about how I have to PAY for a permit if I wanted to run a little league football organization, yet you back these lazy low lifes to have the right to stay at this park. The one where i stated how much DAMAGE these people are doing to the property. I can't walk my dog through Deleware Park after 10pm but they could spend 3-4 months here? Message to "Occupy Buffalo": get a job.

  3. I don't think I got your other message as I would have posted it.

  4. Do you think these people should be allowed to stay at the Niagara Square?

  5. At first, I was in favor of the protestors. I am very much against everything that corporate America stands for. However, I'm not sure what the movements goals are. (And I'm not sure they know what they are, either.)

    They were dumb to trust the mayor and his people. And it is within the city's legal rights to kick them off the property. So, my answer would be no. I don't think they were accomplishing anything by staying in the square. I thought the guy they interviewed on TV several times was sincere in his beliefs, though.

    In my opinion, the group should use Facebook or other social networking sites to organize protests against corporate greed and corrupt politicians from time to time. They might be able to get more numbers that way. They need creative people to come up with creative ideas and decide what they actually stand for. I know the other side says to "get a job." I just feel most of the jobs around here are like crumbs. To me, the corporate scumbags are holding the working class hostage. If you're lucky enough to have a decent job in this area, good for you. I know many people with jobs who are barely able to make ends meet. They are not enjoying the American Dream and are more like indentured servants.Just my two cents.