Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Blogger's Caucus

My uncle Tom Blake was a very active politician for many years. One of the tings he would always talk about on his weekly visits to my parents' house was the importance of "perception" in politics. Right now, the poll on the upper right hand side of this page is very close between Mickey "Rivers" Kearns and Chris "11,000 Doors" Fahey.

If I was a big supporter of either candidate, I would email the link to this site or talk to other like minded supporters about voting online for their guy. Perception. People love to back someone they perceive as a winner. Everyone wants to feel good about their choice. That's why lawn signs don't "vote", but are a good indication of the outcome most of the time. Kearns and Fahey supporters: There is a share button at the bottom of this post. You can share it via email or through social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. It's only a dumb blog from one resident, but a lot of people read it each day. Hit share and remind your friends to vote at the top right column of the page. It's all about perception. I think both of the candidates are nice guys and I wish them luck on March 20th.


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