Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Curly Shuffle

Is Aaron Besecker of the Buffalo News that naive to think a politician would show up at a hearing to speak out against something that benefits him? The politician in question is Tim Kennedy. The topic, new state Senate districts...

Kennedy, who admitted his newly drawn district does benefit him personally, called the proposal "political gerrymandering."

Freakin' Idiot!
Brian Higgins must have taught him that big word 10 minutes before the meeting right after he spoon-fed him. Kennedy, as usual, is full of it. Although still heavily Democratic, his district was redrawn to be 50% white and 50% black (or something close to that. We're not sure, since nobody will tell the actual citizens.) Brian Higgins' pool boy doesn't want a racially diverse district. He is worried about a possible one black-two white person primary. The two whites could potentially split the white vote and the blacks will vote black, regardless of who the candidate is. Save the politically correct comments. This has proven time and time again to be true. Washington DC mayor Marion Barry was elected after being caught caught on video smoking crack!

Kennedy made a fool of himself at a city hall hearing today when he suggested the redistricting policy violated the state constitution. Sensing Kennedy had an IQ of around 12, a Republican task force member challenged him to site the specific part of the Constitution he was referring to. This question proved much harder for Tim than the ones he's used to hearing (ie. Would you like to supersize your combo meal? What type of sprinkles do you want on your cone? Pick up or delivery?) ...

Thursday's hearing included a somewhat heated back-and-forth between State Sens. Timothy M. Kennedy, a Democrat, and Michael F. Nozzolio, a Republican and one of the task force members. During Kennedy's testimony, Nozzolio pushed him to cite the specific section of the State Constitution that Kennedy alleged the task force violated in its proposal of new district lines.

Unfortunately, Kennedy will probably be moved to a predominantly white, predominantly Democratic district so he and Brian can live happily ever after. If the stars align and Kennedy's district does become racially mixed, he will be on borrowed time. As he should be.

Redistricting panel's proposal draws fire



  1. I like your blog but your obsession with Kennedy gets really old.You'd be much more respected if you stopped the immature name calling and reported more facts.If you are serious about running then state your objective and work hard and prove people wrong,many people write you off as a big joke who has no chance but get some balls and do some work for a change instead of whining about all your credentials and never being treated fair.

  2. Thanks for reading the blog. Most people don't know their politicians. They are just names on a sign. If we have one with zero leadership qualities, I feel it is my duty to point them out.

    Not sure what you mean about the work comment. I just worked 9 days in a row. Today, I started another six days in a row (two jobs). That does not include any youth soccer. I've been sleeping in 3-4 hour shifts. No health insurance but I own a house and pay all my bills.

  3. You feel it is your need to " point it out" when an elected official doesn't possess leadership qualities. Ok, point it out then! All I'm getting from your blog is that people like Kennedy and Fahey are unfit to lead because they run with the same crowd as Higgins and they're overweight? Where is the substance? I haven't read anything on this blog that actually questions their policies or practices

  4. Hahahahahahahahhahahhahahahahhahahahhahhaha! Policies and practices? The only thing these guys do is walk around holding Higgins' balls. Everyone in S Buffalo knows that. They have no policies. They don't stand for anything. That's why many of my readers refer to them as coat holders.

    I would love to have been at the meeting where Higgins told Kennedy, "Never make a decision on your own. Always talk to me first and I'll tell you how we stand." If you're a "follower" of Kennedy and you're not related to him, I don't know if I can carry on a conversation with you. You're probably too dumb to be on this earth if that's the case. If the redistricting stays as is, there is a very good chance I may run. We are going to be talking about exactly what Kennedy has done to "Change Albany" (after hours, of course). Don't blame me. It's a choice he made.

  5. I don't support Kennedy. Thanks for completely editing my post.

  6. The part I printed was the only part worth responding to. When I write about these clowns, I sign my name to everything I say. What does it say about you that you would try to insult me anonymously? What would I write about you if I knew who you were? You tell me. GQ model? You want me to write about their policies? Are you that dumb that you actually think Kennedy makes his own decisions?

    By the way, I'm not "slightly overweight." I'm way overweight and working on losing the pounds.

  7. Yes I want you to write about their policies. You want change, don't you think in order to make changes it is critical to discuss policy, votes, agendas, etc... Instead of criticizing policy, you again state for the 100th time that their controlled by Higgins, yawn! Even better, You deflect by calling me dumb for questioning you. I'm smart enough to know that you get more support by criticizing the politics/ issues. Anyone can mock Tim Kennedy for being fat or rip on Fahey cause he looks intoxicated in a picture ( we both know most south buffalo voters, myself included, can relate to being drunk). Give us some substance.