Monday, February 6, 2012

Siena Poll:Voters strongly oppose pay raises for NY state lawmakers

Sorry criminals. We know how these idiots like polls. A new Siena poll has found that New Yorker are overwhelmingly opposed to giving even a penny raise to any of them...

Sixty-seven percent of New Yorkers said state lawmakers do not deserve a raise; 74% opposed giving Gov. Andrew Cuomo a raise; and 78% opposed salary increases for commissioners of state agencies.

State legislators get a base pay of $79,500 a year, but most receive additional stipends for leadership positions.

$79,500 a year for a part time job, which most perform poorly. Yet, they have the nerve to try and give themselves more. Most of these clowns possess zero talent. I take that back. Tim "Hortons" Kennedy has shown considerable talent in the area of prostituting himself to Brian Higgins.

If they're so valuable, my question to them is why not take their considerable talents to the private sector? It takes 1,000 signatures to run on the Democratic line in the NY state primary for State Senator. I am currently raising money to pay college students (or anyone else) to help me collect signatures to run against the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I would propose a pay cut of $35,000/yr. If the other scumbags don't like it, they can go do something else.

NYers Give Big Thumbs Down to Pay Raises for Lawmakers


  1. You mean taking soccer funds to finance your campaign,time to get a taste of your own medicine and we will be more than happy to dish it out,can you take it???

  2. Mike, don't worry about their empty threats. I have two kids in your winter league and I will stand up for you. You put everything you have into it and my kids look forward to it every week. They're threatening you because they know you have hundreds of other parents like me behind you. If you do run, ill be contacting you for a lawn sign.

  3. i can take it. people with money have contacted me because they don't like Tim and want to finance my campaign. i don't run the south bflo soccer club d-bag. havent for 11 years. that's somebody else and their books are clean. i'm working two jobs right now to pay my bills, Einstein.