Thursday, February 23, 2012

The old never leave...

Like a bad penny that won't go away, Charley Fisher III has found his way into another political job. How come businesses all over WNY are letting people go, but the political jobs for retreads like Fisher keep multiplying?

Legislature Chairwoman Betty Jean Grant, D-Buffalo, said she hired Fisher as a senior legislative assistant to take on a new role to help legislators ensure the county is meeting its own goals for awarding contracts to minority-and women-owned businesses. Grant said Fisher will also serve as the Legislature’s liaison to the county’s director of equal employment opportunity.

Whenever you see the word liaison in the title, you know the job is completely unnecessary. In other words, they wanted to give Fisher a paycheck but had to make up some sort of title. In what had to be the worst publicity stunt of all time, Fisher found his way onto the Common Council after lying down in front of a city garbage truck. This was done to protest the newly created garbage tax. We're hoping a guy like Charlie runs against Tim Kennedy should the racial makeup of the district stay the same. Remember Lenny: Kennedy sided with the Republicans when he was on the Erie County Legislature. He will stab you in the back again if Uncle Brian tells him to.

Fisher hired as legislative assistant

Charlie Browniest

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