Thursday, February 2, 2012

2nd accuser surfaces

Priests are human just like everyone else. It's the way the Catholic Church continues to coverup crimes that baffles people. Now, we're finding out that a second woman had filed a harassment complaint against Father Secondo Casarotto in 2008, only to have it go nowhere...

The woman also contacted the diocese recently to report her allegations, diocesan spokesman Kevin A. Keenan confirmed. The woman told the lawyer and diocesan officials that she previously reported the 2008 incident by calling the Catholic Center and sending a certified letter. The diocese has no record of the letter, Keenan said.

But Monday, a Catholic Center employee told diocesan officials that he remembered handling a call from a woman complaining about Casarotto, Keenan said.

The employee, whom Keenan declined to identify, did not inform diocesan officials of the complaint.

“It didn’t go anywhere. The person got the complaint but didn’t tell anyone at the diocese about the complaint,” Keenan said. “We have procedures in place, and they were not followed in this situation.”

2nd woman accuses ex-pastor of advances

The mistake this woman made was not going to the police when the incident happened. I have a feeling we're going to see more cases like this become public. 99% of the priests I've known have been great people. We've all heard the stories about the other 1%.

I thought the following clip was kind of funny. When exactly did former professional wrestler/governor Jesse Ventura officially become crazy? I used to like his unconventional beliefs until everything became one big conspiracy. Here, he tells the pompous Bill Maher that the Catholic Church should be prosecuted using the federal RICO (organized crime) laws...


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