Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Robin Hood of Niagara Falls

You want to know why the Canadian side of the Falls is booming and the American side looks like Flint, Michigan? Watch this two minute clip from WIVB.

200 people showed up at a Lewiston Fire Hall to honor three time convicted felon John Gross before he goes off to jail yet again...

Dick Paladino of Laborers Local #91 said, "There's not anybody coming here tonight who can't say thank you to John and that's why they're here. he has done more favors for more people in the last 50 years, never got any recognition for it, never wanted it."

The tickets were $35 a piece payable to the Niagara Falls Republican Committee which plans to send the leftover proceeds to three of Gross's favorite charities.

Me, myself, and I? The event was actually organized by the Niagara Falls Republican Committee! The best quote of the night came from Gross himself, in response to whether the people in the room owed him something.

Gross said, "Everybody owes. You owe, I owe and we all help each other and that's what makes a community."

Vito Corleone couldn't have said it better himself...

Community bids farewell to contractor going to prison |

Fond farewell for contractor going to jail:

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