Monday, February 13, 2012

Please take part in my poll

Are you following the special election for NY state Assemblymen between Chris "11,000 doors" Fahey and Mickey "Rivers" Kearns? Please take part in our special unscientific poll to the right of this post.

It will be interesting to see who wins the $79,000/yr do-nothing part time job. Fahey is backed by Congressman Brian Higgins and City Comptroller Mark Schroeder, while Kearns counts local developer Carl Paladino (and his wallet) as well as the City Hall Rooster amongst his supporters. I like Kearns, but I don't know 11,000 doors Fahey very well.

I'm sitting this race out, as neither candidate cares who I support. And nor should they. With the election being held on my birthday, there may be an "October surprise" waiting in the wings. Being in control of the press, the Blogger has a lot at his disposal. He hears things. People send him things.


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