Friday, June 15, 2012

What was this about?

Another week. Another story about one of Buffalo's frailest. Investigators are trying to figure out what injured Buffalo Police Officer Martin Mobley was doing at the house of Dr. Jekyll immediately after the ECMC homicide...

Martin L. Motley III has been on long-term sick leave for a work-related injury and should not have been out of his Buffalo home, according to police.

Why Motley was at Jorden's home remains an unanswered question, detectives said. Hamburg police who were staking out the doctor's residence took Motley into custody at 11 a.m. as he left the house with $5,000 and a Rolex watch.

Mobley will be severely reprimanded by the department, unless he is a friend of Byron Brown. Then he'll be given a slap on the wrist, a promotion, and probably a more expensive watch.
Manhunt for doctor under way around U.S., Canada

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  1. what if the doctor was white and the woman was black? the story would be nationwide: hln, cnn, cnbc, nancy grace etc. blacks take pride in treating white women like shit, its an inside joke among black people. that why we dont them living in south buffalo.