Tuesday, June 26, 2012

St. Ambrose-Let it Be

Ambrose Catholic Looks to Boost Kindergarten Enrollment with Discounts
In times of trouble, you would hope the people in charge would work with those greatly affected to come up with solutions. Unfortunately, from what I'm hearing, this has not been the case at St. Ambrose.

From what I'm told, a parents group has asked for the names of the 27 Catholic School Board members and have been denied this information from Father Judge. They also requested an extension to August 1st, in an effort to recruit more students. Again, this request was denied. I have never met Father Judge, but I'm sure he is taking orders from a higher force. (No. Not HIM. Probably someone downtown.)

In any event, WGRZ did this story on an effort by parents to keep the school from closing...


The Parents of Ambrose Catholic Academy are spearheading a grassroots effort to enroll students into our outstanding Kindergarten program.

The South Buffalo Catholic School Board is threatening to eliminate the
Ambrose Catholic Academy Kindergarten program for the 2012/2013 school year.

For the first time Ambrose has been given a deadline to
have 14 children registered at our campus by 7/1/2012.

We are very close to this number and we need your help,
here’s what we’re offering!!!


The Parents, Parish and Alumni have joined together and raised enough money to pay the non-refundable $200.00 registration fee for the next 10 families who enroll in the ACA Kindergarten Program from now until 7/1/2012. In addition, the Parish has graciously offered to give half off the tuition of any Ambrose family who refers a Kindergarten student to the school.


We the Parents and Parish would like to pay it forward and are offering our half off referral fee to the first 10 Kindergarten families who register their children at Ambrose Catholic Academy (starting now until 7/1/2012).

To enroll your child and learn more about Ambrose Catholic Academy please call the school directly at 716-824-6360 or email Christine O’Keeffe at tocb@verizon.net
 Ambrose Catholic Looks to Boost Kindergarten Enrollment with Discounts

I can tell you St. Ambrose has a great parents group, excellent teachers, and the students come out of there with a great education. And also something severely lacking in today's world-manners. Please help spread the word to anyone with school age children looking for smaller classrooms and very good instruction.

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be...


  1. The Buffalo Board of Education tells us that there is a Kindergarten waiting list for both Discovery School and Lorraine Academy. Don't miss out on this discount, it ends July 1st.
    Ambrose has just jumped 71 places in the Business First Elementary School rankings for 2012. We offer tuition assistance and busing. We offer Technology,spanish, instrumental music instruction,sports, clubs and award winning teachers. Ambrose focuses on developing the whole child...academically,spiritually,creativly,
    socially and emotionally.
    I am an Ambrose Parent and we love it!

  2. A great school that will give your children a one of a kind experience, you will not be disappointed!

  3. Based on a conversation with BPS earlier today, there is now a wait list at EVERY SINGLE South Buffalo public school!!! There are over 100 upcoming kindergarten students without a spot available to them, the mini baby boom of 2007 was not taken into account and not at all planned for. If anyone knows of a wait-listed child, have them call ACA immediately, if they wait, who knows where their 5 year olds will be bussed. Parents of kindergarteners currently have the opportunity to register their child at ACA without paying the registration fee, as well as 1/2 off tuition, as well as financial aid available through the BISON Fund AND the Monsignor Stanton Scholarship. It is an amazing limited time opportunity!!!!!

  4. From the Ambrose Parents themselves: WORTH THE READ
    #1 to send your child to ACA...? So you can listen to the beautiful sounds of your child learning violin at our music teacher's house, Mrs. Rezabek's on a warm summer evening...♥
    #2 To be part of an exceptional school that produces productive, generous, loving, caring and kind human beings. Lessons that last a lifetime are learned at ACA!!!!
    #3 because it's such a great community,my children not only have 2 parents they have many many many other moms and dads out there watching out for them and keeping them safe and happy even when I'm not around.
    # 4 Your kids sing songs like "companions on a journey while doing the dishes." lol
    # 5 when the older kids look out and care for the younger kids, even when they aren't asked!
    #5... Because it is the place where your children will thrive and be appreciated for who they are, a place where they will reach their potential and become the best person they can be....
    #6 Fr Lee...kind, compassionate, understanding and a great role model
    #7 because dropping them off at school feels like dropping them off at "home".
    #8 (as per Quinn) - "Mrs. Maura Burns Sheehan takes us for long walks and squirts us and she gave us our favorite candy :)"
    #9 - Never once did I ever worry about my kids at school. They became strong, intelligent and independent individuals.
    #10 on "special" breakfast and or lunch days, Father Lee can be seen serving the children their food and knowing most if not ALL their names
    #10--because your children are building friendships that will last the rest of their lives!!!! I met my bestie in 4th grade at ACA, over 30 years ago!!!
    the next # whatever it is. Having an open door policy for the ACA alums that come back to school on their days off or 1/2 days from High School just to hang out and say Hi. Well and maybe get a slushie from the lunchroom just for old times sake
    Having Fr. Lee come out at dismissal with a basket of pretzels telling the kids "have a pretzel and say a prayer"
    #15 - tireless coaches who help our children learn not only about a sport...but how to be a good sport!
    #16 Fr. Lee visiting our daughter Brigid following an 8 hour surgery...♥
    #17 faculty that realize that not all children are the same and figure out ways to make sure their students understand the concepts being taught...no matter how challenging the student may be!!!!!

  5. CONT from previous post...
    #18 - the parents looking out for EACH 9 hours ago via OTHER...♥
    #19 truly the lunch moms...they are not just lunch moms...they know the kids almost as well as their parents and tend to their needs. Whether it be a stomach ache, an extra helping or just a person to talk to...we are truly blessed
    #20 - getting that little extra "come on you can do it" when your child might need that extra push!
    # 21 when it's your kids birthday and the whole lunch room loudly and happily sings "happy happy birthday, we're really glad you came, happy happy birthday from the Ambrose gang" led by Mrs. McCarthy!
    #22 dino days, western days and all the other performances that give each child a chance to shine. I love watching the faces looking to catch a glimpse of their mom, dad, grandma, grandpa...melts my heart
    I can't help but recall a favorite quote..."may you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be..."
    #23 Father Alderson and Father Duke...need I say more!!!!!
    #24 Karen Mullins our 4th grade teacher for taking it to the next level!!! Her honesty and dedication has shaped each and everyone of our children!
    #25 where do I start...the whole family atmosphere; the lunch crew; the teachers; Fr. Lee; you just know when you drop your child off at Ambrose, they are safe, loved and cared for!!
    #26 100% graduation rate, no child held back♥
    #27- a particular male teacher finding out he may have to teach something different and simply saying " it doesn't matter what I teach, as long as I get to teach here"
    #28 Ms. Roebuck's hand made gifts to her 1st graders for every little special occasion!