Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lord High Pants


Question of the day: Whats more offensive? Teenagers wearing their pants low, exposing their underwear or Congressman Brian Higgins wearing his pants exceedingly high? Here Higgins' belt buckle is observed a mere three inches away from his Adam's apple (at Buffalo River Fest). 
Man Sentenced To Three Days In Jail Because Of His Pants


  1. where is the picture ?

  2. how do we know if he doesnt have long legs? u give him such a hard time but i think he's ok. all these road improvements in sb, you dont think he had anythnig to do with that? im not thrilled but im satifised with what he has done. just because paladino says whatever he wants doesnt mean he was sb's political savior. he had great ideas but hes just another loudmouth itailyan. buffalo has enuff parking lots. in this day in age if u publically say u dont like gay people and u wanna throw welfare recipients into a jail type do u really expect to win a political race? i do agree w/ most of what he says and i did vote for him. but i also would have voted for ross perot based on looks and i would have voted for hulk hogan for president because he body slammed andre the giant. not because of their ideas.

  3. forgot to mention....In order for things to get done politicians MUST agree. Nothing gets done when a stickler disagrees. Your a stickler. people might say u know this guy is right who is he yadda yadda yadda if you werent so fn negative about YOUR issues. Have u ever tried approaching these politicians in person to spew your hate speech? these guys aren't hard to find with all the carnivals, festivals and fundraisers they go to, especially in the summer.

  4. Me heard Kennedy wipped your Ass and u have a restraining odor on him

    1. A restraining "oder"? Wipped is spelled whipped. You'll be o.k., Einstein.