Saturday, June 2, 2012

Buffalo's Comical Council

As I've said many times, the Buffalo Common Council is completely irrelevant and it's members should be made part time. This was proven to be true yet again when Council President Rich Fontana named rookie Councilman Chris Scanlon as chairman of the Finance Committee. When it came on the news, my windows were open and I could hear the laughter all the way from Seneca Street over to Abbott Road. No matter how Fontana tries to spin it, it is simply outrageous, and everyone knows this. I encourage you to read James Heaney's current article on the topic from Artvoice Magazine. Here are some excerpts...

“The people of the district are looking for a young, independent thinker devoid of ties, someone not looking to appease political factions, but looking for someone who can think on their own, vote their conscience and only do what’s in the best interest of South Buffalo,” Scanlon said. 

New blood? Really? 

Consider that Scanlon is the son of John “Scanoots” Scanlon, Griffin’s patronage chief whose work history suggested he either worked long, long hours or had himself a no-show job or two. 

Also keep in mind that Scanoots has given Brown’s campaign committees $1,640 since 2007 and kicked in another $100 to a Brown-controlled committee used to finance candidates friendly to the mayor. 

So much for being “devoid of ties.” 

How does the young Scanlon stand on his own? 

His resume gives no hint of civic engagement, unless the Bishop Timon Lawn Fete counts.

Seriously, this appointment is an embarrassment to the community. Mr. Scans has given Urkel $1,700 to buy his influence. No wonder these corrupt families talk about how the "Mayor has been good to them." 
A Council Lacking

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