Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Letter to the editor: Vacant lots

The News published this letter from a Buffalo woman, who feels East side residents should stop whining and pitch in themselves to clean up their neighborhood and mow vacant lots. While I agree with her in principle, it's a tough call. Knowing how much waste takes place in city hall, I wouldn't even think of spending any time or money (even a few bucks) to do something that they should be doing...

Neighbors could mow more vacant lots in Buffalo

I was appalled after reading the article regarding the city workers’ lack of getting all the vacant lots mowed on the East Side of the city. What do people expect, when the workers show up to mow and first have to clean up the garbage the neighbors have thrown into vacant lots rather than putting it out for garbage pickup? Why is there everything from old furniture to carpet to dead animals thrown in these vacant lots? Why are there hoses running through these lots from one house to another? Show some pride in your neighborhood! Is there a reason you can’t run your lawn mower through a vacant lot if the grass is growing and the city hasn’t gotten to it yet? 

The city has only a limited number of workers and equipment. Isn’t it sad that the city as a whole pays the salary of these workers and yet only certain areas of the city have a need for them to come mow lawns? It is your neighborhood, take control, show some pride, it doesn’t take much to mow a city lot. It doesn’t have to be groomed, just keep it mowed and garbage free. If you see people using a vacant lot as their own dump, call and report them. Instead of sitting on your best intention, get up and do something. You don’t see city crews mowing vacant lots in South Buffalo or North Buffalo. Could it be because people who live in these neighborhoods take pride in where they live? To those who stated they want out of the East Side, nothing will change by moving unless you change your attitude. I understand that you don’t own these properties but you can do something to improve them. Why doesn’t a News reporter ride along with the city crews and see what they are up against, then do a story on that? 

Sandi Germain Buffalo

I don't know about North Buffalo. But in South Buffalo, it's the City Hall Rooster and his crew who mow many of the vacant lots.They also mow lawns for the elderly. Sometimes he gets paid by the Councilman. Other times, he is left out of the budget and volunteers his time. He uses his own vehicle and is not reimbursed for gas. Other South Buffalo groups like to promote themselves and march in parades, etc. However, the Rooster's crew is the one I see out there on the streets doing the work. 

As for Sandi's letter, she is absolutely right. But doesn't she realize people are taught from a very young age that the government will feed their kids, put a roof over their head, pay their medical bills, etc? Everything else is provided. Why take 10 minutes cutting a lot when it's so much easier to call the news and complain about it?
Neighbors could mow vacant lots in Buffalo

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  1. since were alredy on the subject of the eastside. how does a preacher become a council member? how is that not a conflict of interest? is his paycheck taxed? does he qualify for food stamps? heard he comes right out in church when its collection time to say he needs a new suit, no jokes.