Monday, June 11, 2012

Erie County Comptroller wasting money?

The appointed County Comptroller could be saving Erie County taxpayers $1 million dollars annually by borrowing from the Control Board. Instead, he borrowed from the County.

Challenger Stefan Mychajliw stepped over the lifeless body of Joel Giambra, near the alley at the foot of the Rath Building and made this announcement. Phone calls to David Shank, the current Comptroller, from WIVB were not returned. His spokesperson said he was watching reruns of the Golden Girls and could not be bothered..

"Erie County right now has an A rating, according to Fitch, to borrow," Mychajliw said. "The Control Board has an AA+ rating so it really makes no sense whatsoever for our unelected, appointed comptroller to let the county borrow at an additional cost of $1 million."

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  1. At a recent community meetung Comptroller Shenk said Eerie County was in good standing "A" need for Control boeard borrowing....hmmm..he did mention having swimming lessons at old YMCA.(current Irish Center)..maybe some of the good old South Buffalo double talk rubbed off at an early age?? Beside Chris Scanlon never showed..Circle Lady invited him but he could find Caz Resource Center. ...hmm new to the neighborhood???neighborhoods