Monday, June 4, 2012

Looking for Committee Candidates

Thank you to all the people who contacted me today regarding the State Senate race. I appreciate everyone's interest and look forward to your help this summer. I've been approached by another group looking to run candidates for the Erie County Committee seats. These are unpaid positions. Each neighborhood has two committee people representing them on the Democratic Committee.

What guys like Brian Higgins and John Scanlon do, are appoint their friends and relatives to vacant districts (so they can be easily controlled when they need their vote). Often times, these people don't even live in the neighborhood they represent. They are simply people that the party bosses know will do their bidding for them. Remember, guys like Higgins and Scanlon long ago abandoned the poorer neighborhoods like South Park, Seneca St. the Old 1st Ward, and the Valley. They don't do any business in these neighborhoods, unless it is some stupid once a year photo opp.

I am not running Committee seats this year, as I plan on concentrating on the State Senate race. However, anyone interested in running against the career politicians, please email me or comment. You will have to collect signatures on your block (not that money are needed for these smaller races). If you know someone else in the neighborhood you live in, you can run as a team (the top two vote getters get the seats). I'm just trying to work with groups of people not in cahoots with the status quo. The people in the status quo hate me and my blog for obvious reasons. Please get involved and forward my stories to your friends/relatives/neighbors. More people are reading it everyday and I'm thankful that the rest of us finally have a forum.

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