Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cazenovia slants

This is probably my favorite piece of vandalism. It is one of many messages painted on the Caz slants by would be artists, poets, and philosophers. A simple message which has been there since 1983. I thought I'd take a picture of it should the city ever get around to covering it up.

I wonder what the story is behind this message. Not sure, but I'll bet you alcohol played a role in it. I know it's from 1983 because next to it, is the author's signature with 83' written next to it. Never really hung out on the slants. They weren't slanted enough for my liking and I feared falling into the disgusting waters of Cazenovia Creek. 

1983 was a pretty uneventful year, unless you are a fan of top NFL Quarterbacks. Crack cocaine was invented in the Bahamas (thanks, guys). Vanessa Williams became the first black Miss America... 

Mt. T. was named one of People Magazine's most intriguing people of that year and the final episode of MASH aired. People were beating each other up in stores to buy Cabbage Patch dolls. I'm not sure who Dexy was, or why he had "midnight runners", but we didn't hear much from him after 1983...

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