Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Meet the candidates for Buffalo schools Superintendent

The third and final candidate for Buffalo Schools Superintendent, Philadelphia school administrator Pamela Brown, arrived in Buffalo yesterday to meet with education officials...

Because of a family emergency, Brown's interview was delayed until Tuesday.

Brown is the only candidate with Ivy League credentials — a master's and doctorate from Harvard University — and experience working on both coasts and in between, including time in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Charlotte, N.C., and Richmond, Va. Her short term goals include lowering test scores and increasing the rate of teen pregnancy in the Buffalo schools. 

Despite having a unique appearance, Brown brings a wealth of educational experience, having worked in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Richmond Virginia. She joins interim Superintendent Amber Dixon (pictured here)
 and Baltimore County Assistant Superintendent Edward "Ozzie" Newsome

in the field of three remaining hopefuls. Newsome said his goals would include closing down City Honors High School and increasing the number of street gangs operating out of the Buffalo schools. 

Board President Lou "Pinnochio" Petrucci announced that the Board would be making it's final selection after whoever is really in charge tells them who to pick.
Third superintendent candidate visits Buffalo


  1. Im sure it will be another fine, well thought out decision as is the rest of those by the people in power Cant wait to see the outcome

  2. if this lady is so great y did she never stay in any of the districts she worked in?! she sounds like a spitting image of dr williams. ozzies' credentials??.....b-more is known for drug dealing not high school graduates. amber dixon hasnt done much in the small time frame she was allotted. out of the 3 id pick dixon.