Sunday, June 24, 2012

Do not support raises for state lawmakers

Talk about a joke. I warned you about Andrew Cuomo. He is working behind the scenes to secure large raises for our part time state lawmakers. At a time when regular people are struggling to meet their bills, Cuomo wants to raise their pay from $79,000/yr to over $100,000. This would make New York lawmakers the highest paid in the country. This, at a time when young people are leaving in droves because of the incompetence and poor leadership of these very same buffoons. Talk about pathetic.

My question: Where are Tim "Hortons" Kennedy and Mickey Kearns? They both campaigned on a pledge to reform Albany. Neither of these guys knows anything about reform. If the current lawmakers are unhappy with their pay, they should take their underwhelming talents to the private sector. 

I love how some of the veteran lawmakers say, "we haven't had a raise in over 12 years" as if it's taken for granted that their seats are theirs for life. Ridiculous quotes like this coming out of Albany demonstrate a need for term limits. I could pick up random people at the bus stop that could do what Kennedy and Kearns do for a living: follow the advice of party leaders/special interest groups. 

This pay raise proposal is very underhanded. I think it's time for Kearns to call for another one of his pointless studies...

New York State Lawmakers: Are They Going to Get a Raise? |

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