Monday, June 4, 2012

Neat sighting at Tifft Farms

I never knew we had pelicans around these parts. A volunteer at Tifft Farms Nature Preserve snapped this photo of a White American Pelican swimming in Lisa Pond yesterday...


  1. can u please post the pics of animals seen at tifft farms? before this was the mink etc...

  2. if you click on the words animals or wildlife, you can see pictures and videos of animals I've posted on. There have been all kinds of cool stuff. Looking forward to a bear sighting someday soon. One was hit near the smith st exit a few years ago, so we know they're around.

  3. the words are in green under the post (labels). Past articles have shown a dozen turtles, an owl in the 1sr ward, an albino deer, fox. all right in the neighborhood. pretty cool stuff, if you ask me.