Sunday, June 24, 2012

Apologies not accepted

How sweet. 3 of the 4 Rochester pisspots have apologized to the school bus aide. The only thing they are sorry about is the fact they were caught. If I were her, I'd tell them to go piss up a rope. If you believe in their sincerity, I'd like to sell you some swamp land in Florida.

Meanwhile, donations continue to pour in to fund the bus aide's dream vacation. Karen Klein is looking at many places, but is leaning towards two nights at  Buffalo's downtown Casino, where a constant suicide watch awaits anyone walking through the front door...


  1. i am shocked that you oppose the casino. only weak minded people lose everything they got to gambling. its nothing like a drug addiction. addicts are treated like scum of the earth. gambling wont give u cold sweats, diarhea or severe mood swings. i'd rather have the casino not this rinky dink addition.

  2. I never said I was opposed to the casino. The suicide reference was just because it is so small and depressing. Have you ever been inside this place? It's not even accurate to call it a casino. It's more like a phone booth.

  3. @Jon I never thought it was possible to transcribe a Buffalo accent. "They got"? What's your problem? No, really! Why do you discard the English language? When trying to make a point, your misuse of grammar only exacerbates your ignorance.

  4. annoymous messages are for loners without a name

  5. You claim to be educated and then tell someone to Piss up a rope,do you think you're funny because I find you very immature.

    1. You can't take a joke? Why so serious?

  6. da wheel is spinning but da hamsta is dead.