Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Parking fiasco on Weyand Street

Parking enforcement director Kevin Helfer ought to be ashamed of himself. His storm troopers are giving tickets out on alternate parking days without giving any legitimate grace period. The fact that the city even has these rules in the summer is a joke. It's an outright fleecing of the middle class residents.

The latest example here is over on Weyand Street. Did you ever notice they never enforce these rules in the poorer neighborhoods? The parking cops are cowards and are afraid they might get attacked. I'd like to see eggs or water balloons thrown at these lowlifes. Someone on Weyand Street please send me the name of the officer giving out tickets at 6:05. I'd like to give him some much needed recognition...


  1. Probably the guy with the beard. He's new and really trying to impress his boss,if you get my drift. We are a dying city, and their only recourse is to squeeze money out of anyone who hasn't left yet.

  2. The parking enforcement people do in fact ticket in the poorer neighborhoods. They enforce the East side the same as South and North Buffalo. They ought to use some more discretion but to say one neighborhood gets it more than another is not a true statement. It always easy to say "go to the East Side" in South Buffalo but the East side residents say " go to South Buffalo" just as fast and as angry.

    1. If this guy went around ticketing people at 5:50 or 6:10 on the East Side, he better have an armed bodyguard with him. I'd love to see data regarding the neighborhoods where ticketing is enforced. But if you have inside knowledge, I do take your word on it. This man is using absolutely no discretion and $30 is a lot to the majority of residents in Bflo.

  3. beard guy = douche. almost gave me a ticket, for an inspection that expired that day. im sed r u serious he said "i got a ticket the other day so why shouldnt you?" lol if he actually got a feel dumb