Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Missing South Buffalo man located

From WGRZ...

A Silver alert was lifted on Monday after a Buffalo man, reported missing by his family and friends, was safely located. 42 year old Michael Kearns was tracked down at an upscale restaurant in Albany. Kearns had been missing from the South Buffalo area since March 20th, after winning a special election to the New York State Assembly. 

Missing South Buffalo Man Found


  1. Wasnt that the guy Mikey Kearns was going to fight tooth and nail???Sheldon Silver seems to have unusual knack for finding representatives that cant be found in their iwn district ...how do you think he does that...its amazing

  2. always hear downstate owns albany yadda yadda yadda. now they own mickey! i wont vote for him again. Mickey was great at talking smack, thats about it. He ran his campaign on anti-establishment malarky, now hes eatin kosher food. he played mike(us) like a fiddle.

  3. Mick says what everyone wants to hear and the people fall for it all the time. He has done nothing in South Buffalo and all he wants is a paycheck. He proposes committees for everything because he has no idea's of his own. He accepted the democratic endorsement last week and now having lunch with Silver. Then he will feed me and you a bunch of crap when he talks to us.