Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Media portrays obnoxious parent as victim

A woman in South Carolina was arrested after loudly cheering for her daughter during her high school graduation. At first, I thought it was ridiculous on the part of the police. However, judging from the comments from other parents in attendance, it is not what it seems.

I read several comments underneath the CNN story from other parents. Apparently, they all were warned not to yell and cheer when their child's names were called. They were told that those doing so would be escorted out by security. Some parents purposely yelled, even collecting their belongings while doing so (knowing they would be escorted out). They purposely defied authority. In other words, as soon as their son/daughter walked across the stage, the other members of the class were irrelevant. Talk about rude. Here is what one parent said underneath the story...

I was there and first let me say that at the beginning of the ceremony it was told to us that it was the students wishes that there be no cheering and they wanted this day to be about them. Acting in that way definitely took the attention away from the graduating students. The cheering and disorderly conduct started early. Seems to me once she saw the first few being escorted out that she would have known it was going to happen to her. It got to the point where people were hollering and then grabbing their things immediately to leave. I think EVERY person that acted this way should at least be fined and if taken to jail is what the police officer thought was needed then so be it. You wonder why our kids don't respect authority when the adults can't even do it. I thought it was very disrespectful. I had someone graduating also and I was just as excited as she was I'm sure, but there is something called self control..... Tiffany Dawkins

Now, the woman who was arrested for disorderly conduct is portraying herself as the victim. And we wonder why some students today don't respect authority? Look at who they are modeling after...

Mom locked up for cheering at child's graduation:

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