Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sender of Bauerle texts identified

Looks like one question has been answered regarding the strange behavior of WBEN talk show host Tom Bauerle. Last week, it was revealed that he gave out a listener's phone number to some devout fans of his show, who in turn, sent the listener threatening texts. In one of the texts, the text-er claimed to have ties to law enforcement and private investigative work.


Well, the Blogger happens to know a lot of people, too... A friend of mine contacted me by phone this week. This person knows someone who recognized one of the numbers from the texts from my previous post. Apparently, Bauerle himself had sent creepy texts to this friend of a friend (threatening in nature) from the same exact number. He has a special track phone, which sends out untraceable calls and texts to enemies and acquaintances, an especially handy tool for stalkers and local radio zookeepers.

So, Tom Bauerle has been reduced to impersonating both law enforcement and relatives of Verizon employees. The man behind the curtain turned out to be Bauerle himself. The same man who claims to be a defender of privacy and individual rights. Where is Chuck Dickerson when you need him?

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