Thursday, March 21, 2013

International update: Japan

Skull Reaper A-ji stands at the entrance of the Oita City Assembly in protest against the assembly's decision to refuse his attendance unless he takes off his mask, in Oita, Japan, March 11, 2013 (© The Asahi Shimbun/Getty Images)

Here's a bizarre story from Japan about a city Councilman banned from meetings for refusing to take off his pro wrestling mask...

 Japan's Oita City Council knew what it was getting when Skull Reaper A-ji was voted into office: a grown man who wears a "lucha libre"-style wrestling mask at all times. But the less-awesome politicians who attend the meetings have banned him until he removes his mask.

"If I take my mask off, I'm an entirely different person," he said. "I will not take it off." He says his mask makes average citizens more comfortable when they talk to him.

I say let him wear his mask. Western New York has a lot of politicians who should wear masks when they go out in public.

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