Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shouldn't they be in Albany?

I've been saying for years how irrelevant our NY State delegation is. Here's a perfect example. Channel 2's Dave McKinley traps down Assemblyman Mickey Paladino and State Senator Tim "Hortons" Kennedy at the annual St. Patrick's Day Luncheon at the Buffalo Irish Center. He reminds them that state budget talks are underway in Albany and questions why they are at a party and not doing the people's work.

Neither one knows what to say and Kennedy comes across sounding particularly stupid. He goes into his cheerleader mode and begins talking about the importance of Irish heritage. McKinley reminds him that he is the chair of the Finance Committee and asks him if this means he should be taking part in budget talks. Kennedy continues in his cheer leading mode and dodges the question yet again.

Kearns describes himself as a "Freshman Lawmaker" and says he has no role in the budget process. This is in stark contrast to the man who said he was going to turn Albany upside down. It's just more of the same nonsense from these guys. Paid $80,000 to drink beer and eat corn beef and cabbage while the downstate lawmakers decide how much money WNY won't be getting this year. I recommend you watching this short clip. These are the guys you entrusted to send to Albany. Thank God this is the last Irish luncheon Kennedy will be attending as an elected official...

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