Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Has Tom Bauerle gone off the deep end?

WBEN's Tom Bauerle appears to be losing it lately.  First, there was the threatening Facebook post he directed towards his fill in host a few weeks ago (Brad Riter). Yesterday, his reaction to a prank caller can only be described as bizarre.

Here is the FB post where he challenged Riter to a fight and described himself as "built"...

In all fairness, the prank caller, as it turns out, happens to be my brother Pat. But Bauerle's reaction borders on paranoid. In response to a traffic accident on the 33 Expressway, my brother called in and said the accident was caused by a motorist falling asleep while listening to Bauerle's show. Instead of simply moving on, Bauerle went on a long rant in response to the call. I'm not an expert on talk shows, but it seems like the exact opposite of what he should have done. I get negative responses to my site all the time. But the last thing on my mind would be to dignify them with a response.

Bauerle then took it an unnecessary step further by forwarding my brother's phone number to his friends. They in turn sent him threatening texts. Very strange and bizarre that any member of the
local media would do something like this, especially in an age where it is so easy to document and trace everything. In fact, here is one of the threatening texts Bauerle had one of his people send...

My problem with the Tom Bauerle Show is that he is an unfunny guy who constantly tries to be funny. He has a built in audience in this small outpost we live in. And it seems to have gone to his head. Instead of stirring people up and letting more callers speak, he bores the audience with his long rants. I'm not saying that hosting a live talk show is easy, but I would love to meet the people who find his comments even slightly amusing

It was once said that, "Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication." I agree with this. Bauerle should find good topics and turn the show over to the people of WNY (who could not possibly be less boring than him). There are a lot of interesting people and topics out there. I think John Murphy is pretty good at talk radio and I like Greg Bauch from Schopp and the Bulldog. Years ago, John Otto was terrific and people loved listening to him. Nothing against Bauerle personally, but his show is terribly un-entertaining  (which is why I haven't  listened to it in years.)


  1. This has " Law and Order" episode written all overb it!

  2. he isn't funny, and just cannot accept criticism. his show is so contrived all designated to elicit negative responses from his callers. when he beat the Janelle ambrosia issue to death earlier this year, I accused of saying the same crap she did and then trying to get away with it by joking about it. he spent five minutes on air, telling me he did not need callers like me and that he liked himself. how sad that he felt the need to comment. pretty thin skinned for a guy who thinks he is a genius. a low rent rush Limbaugh or Michael savage, take your pick.