Monday, March 4, 2013

Higgins-Paladino feud

  Developer Carl Paladino, left, and Rep. Brian Higgins, once called each other friends. But a feud sparked by differences over abortion and health care has blown up into a war of words in which each has called the other's integrity into question. (Buffalo News file photos)
 (*Buffalo News file photo)

Never before, has a local news article been so eagerly anticipated by the unwashed masses. No, I'm not talking about the Buffalo News story on the Brian Higgins-Carl Paladino feud. The one people can't wait for appears to be my reaction to it...

-When two high profile dignitaries get into a public spat, none of us benefit. Except me, of course.

-“I don’t respect him, his politics, his demeanor nor his personality,” Paladino said recently, citing Higgins’ “arrogance".

“Carl is the worst kind of coward this community will ever know,” Higgins said. “He hides behind his dirty money and sits in his Ellicott Square cave spewing his venom and hateful emails every day. He’s pathetic, disgraceful and a broken man.”

Higgins characterizes his former friend as a “street punk,” a “bully,” and Buffalo’s “chief bloviator". 

“I think he’s a creep, a punk, and a coward.”

-Other than that, the two guys really seem to like each other.

- Say a prayer for our guys over there.

- I have a great deal of respect for Buffalo News reporter Bob McCarthy. However, I have to question his use of James Keane as a source for this story. Nobody in the neighborhood cares what this blowhard has to say about anything.     

- Keane abandoned  South Buffalo for Florida and Orchard Park a long time ago. He's the tourist who comes back every March, walks in all the parades, and acts as though he never left, only to leave again in April. He is a shadow of his late older brother Dick, whose coattails he's ridden to this day. He lost every election he ever entered with the exception of South District Council. In his last election against Chris Collins, Keane was widely viewed by independent South Buffalo voters as a fraud and was soundly defeated. He is one of the last of the "Ed Mahoney Democrats", a dying breed of scam artists with no leadership or organizational skills. McCarthy should have went to some of the local taverns and spoke to people who actually still reside in the neighborhood.

-The article says the feud started over Higgins' support for President Obama's health care plan. Did Paladino think Higgins was going to cross part lines and oppose the plan? He's been around long enough to know these career politicians have no backbone. If he thought Higgins was actually an independent thinker, I'd have to describe him as naive.

-A low point in the feud had to be when one of Higgins' many overpaid staffers (each makes over $80,000/yr to do NOTHING) sent a left-leaning website emails that Paladino had forwarded. Once the NYC media got a hold of them, they were able to try and discredit Paladino. When Higgins denies involvement in this underhanded event, he is clearly lying. Higgins' flunkies went to Paladino's campaign manager and threatened to release them, unless Paladino dropped out of the Gubernatorial race.

-A witness (Larry Quinn) backs up Paladino's allegation that Higgins threatened to prevent the renewal of a lease to the FBI Building (which Paladino co-owns) if Paladino didn't get "off his back." Can you believe the arrogance? In other words, he threatened to use his power to hurt Paladino's business practices. That's a tactic used by the Gestapo and should never take place in a Democracy. Makes me wonder whether I should be worried the next time I speak out against the Congressman.

- Let me say this. I like the fact that Paladino rails against the local political establishment and I believe he is sincere. I've shaken his hand a few times but I would love the opportunity to meet him someday. His employees like him, but say he's really been on edge lately. Some say they are afraid to even say hello to him. That is sad. He is not crazy, as the career politicians try to portray him. However, I think there's a better way for him to get his message across. 

-Higgins is a career politician. No more. No less. He's a good guy, but even good guys become tainted once they've been in office too long. Both their families are very nice. I've met several of them during my travels and get along with all that I have met

-With Paladino a sure thing for the school Board, it's going to make for an interesting year to say the least. 

-I'm flattered that both these men (from what I'm told) will probably be reading my take on this story on Monday. My mother always said I had potential. I just hope someday to make it onto one of Carl's billboards.

-Go forth and sin no more.
Enemies in high places – Paladino vs. Higgins* 

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