Monday, March 11, 2013

More texts from Bauerle listeners

The bizarre behavior exhibited by WBEN's Tom Bauerle last week has left many Western New Yorkers scratching their heads. Instead of the next Albany Gun Rally, some are wondering whether his next show will be broadcast from a satellite location on Forrest Avenue.

For those unaware, a listener (my brother) called Bauerle and reported that an accident on the 33 was caused by motorists falling asleep while listening to his show. That's when things got strange. According to my brother, a man sounding like Bauerle, phoned him from a private number. In a whiny voice, he called him an A-hole and said he ruined his show with his phone call.

It didn't end there. My brother then received threatening texts from people associated with Bauerle. One informed him that we "know a lot of people"...

Another (included here) claimed to be a private investigator...

Perhaps most bizarre, a 3rd made the claim that their father worked for Verizon as a "Regional Guy" and said my brother's cell phone service was about to be shut off...


(I never knew Verizon had the power to shut off customers' phones based solely on their criticisms of radio talk show hosts (???). Keep in mind, this is the same guy who devoted several shows opposing the Buffalo News' threat to list the addresses of WNY gun owners. I guess his support of individual rights, privacy, and safety does not extend to that of his listeners.

From what I'm told, he spent ten minutes of his show on Thursday dismissing me as a "crazy left wing blogger." While this might sound good on the radio, a quick check of any of my 3,000 previous posts would show that I rarely side with the Left on anything. (Or the extreme Right for that matter.)  My opinions are my own, and unlike Bauerle, I do not simply repeat other peoples' talking points. He is the one predicting another Civil War and claiming President Obama is holding people in concentration camps. But, I'm the crazy one?

 Bauerle confirmed on Thursday that he missed Wednesday's show after falling at 1AM the previous evening. I am glad he is ok. While not a fan of his show, I wouldn't wish harm on him. Perhaps, it was his massive ego he tripped over.

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  1. I hope he doesn't sic anyone's Dad on me since I have a blog that is almost as critical of the right as it is of neo liberal phonies on the left. Gotta love the I am gonna get my Dad play, huge stuff. Gotta run, step mom is at the top of the basement stairs claiming I made a mess with my hot pockets wrappers and Coor's light empties.