Sunday, March 3, 2013

Rumore's disingenuous comments

If there's one thing I can't stand it's when a public official takes a disingenuous stand on a topic. Buffalo Teachers Federation President Phil Rumore did just that yesterday and I think it's important he be called out on it...

The head of the Buffalo teachers' union says Paladino is unfit for the job, pointing to the racist and sexually inappropriate emails Paladino forwarded to friends shortly before he ran for governor. 

"The thought of having a man who sent out these emails, is repulsive," said Buffalo Federated Teachers President Phil Rumore. "And I would hope that the people in his district would say: 'No, this is not the kind of person that we want on a school board where our children look up to him.'"

Rumore finds these emails "repulsive." Yet, this is the same man who said nothing when Ralph Hernandez' district-issued laptop was found to be filled with porn. Could that have something to do with the fact that Hernandez is a Rumore supporter?

Outgoing Park School Board member Lou Petrucci was let go from a coaching position at Holy Angels Academy. From what I'm told, parents went to school officials and expressed anger over an inappropriate email Petrucci sent to his players. Now, I'm not saying Petrucci is a pervert. A major liar, yes. But not a pervert. He probably used bad judgement in sending out the email in question, and a few parents probably wanted him out to begin with and used it as an excuse. Again, Rumore apparently had no problem with Lou, because he knew Lou would do exactly as he was told by the union. Lou always does exactly what he is told to. No new news there.

After Pornandez was caught with the pictures of the naked midgets on his computer, Catherine Panepinto and at least one other board member had theirs professionally "scrubbed" before they could be looked at. I seriously doubt they were trying to erase Google or Yahoo sites. The Buffalo News did a story on this, yet Rumore was silent again. Now, he expects you to be outraged over Paladino's emails ? (that weren't even his. He forwarded them). Give us a break Phil Rumore. The bottom line: Rumore knows Paladino is going to be a thorn in his side and he knows the press will be looking into the allegations he makes. And, believe me, people are talking about the conditions inside of city schools. And that's a good thing.

Here's the Channel 7 story on the school board members and their computers being scrubbed. Any comments now, Phil?...

And here's the link to the WGRZ story on Pornandez downloading porn on a district issued laptop: It was discovered during a state audit. Nothing gets past the Blogger...;postID=4463573787518377468

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