Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kennedy's days in Albany numbered

State Senator Tim Kennedy's political career appears to be clinging to life these days. He remains hugely unpopular with the vast majority of his constituents, save for a few members of the South Buffalo political clique. I spoke to a prominent South Buffalo resident today, who happens to be a gun owner, and he was furious at Kennedy. He told me Kennedy "looked him right in the eye" and said he would never support Andrew Cuomo's gun control legislation. Needless to say, a few weeks later, Kennedy supported this vote.

As I've stated many times on this site, Kennedy is incapable of original thought and will always do whatever he is instructed to do. He answers to Brian Higgins and the controversial political operative Steven Pigeon. I wouldn't be surprised if Higgins and company have already negotiated a no-show state job (see Sam Hoyt) should little Timmy be sent packing next year by his constituents. There are no shortage of people looking to send the untrustworthy Kennedy to the unemployment line. And when that happens, we will be watching to make sure Timmy does not land another taxpayer funded public sector position. This kid needs to be pumping gas somewhere or flipping burgers, not living off of our hard earned money.

I'm not a gun's rights activist or a gun control activist. However, I think what has many people upset is the underhanded way this legislation was snuck through at the last minute, without any input or debate from the public. All it is is a set up for Andrew Cuomo's Presidential aspirations. It has very little to do with taking guns off of the streets. If people like Cuomo or Tim "Horton's" Kennedy were serious about this issue, they would look at targeting Saturday Night Special type weaponry in the inner cities. This past week, we had a man shoot up an East Side tavern. We had a high school student bring a loaded handgun to a basketball game. These are the type of people who need to be targeted. Not the hunter from Silver Creek or Holland. Keep you eyes on Kennedy, Cuomo, and Higgins: three sneaky little bastards with no problem lying to your face. Higgins and Kennedy have both complained to people about this blog, but neither one has the nerve to confront me face to face. Because they know I speak the truth. They care way more about their careers than they do about serving the people.

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