Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 Mayor's race

I don't know who WGRZ is hearing rumors from regarding this year's mayoral race. We've all heard the speculation that City Comptroller Mark Schroeder might be throwing his hat into the ring this September, but Mickey Kearns?

-Had they done their homework, WGRZ would realize that Carl Paladino recently patched things up with Mayor Casey and is moving ahead with his big hotel plans. For Mickey Paladino to run, he'd have to get permission from his Godfather, and that would kill the golden goose.

-I'd like to see Schroeder run, but I have a feeling he won't. Mayor Casey and company are going to give him the keys to City Hall in exchange for him not running. In other words, all the perks of being mayor with none of the stress that accompanies the job. I'm hoping I'm wrong and Schroeder gives it a shot. 

-Unlike Kearns, Schroeder is a guy who understands how business works. When he works on something with someone, he looks at how it can benefit both parties and the community. He builds relationships that way. Mickey just looks out for Mickey, and that's a fact more and more people are starting to realize. A friend of mine, who recently went to Kearns about something, said I should refer to him as Mickey "Give me a call tomorrow at the office" Kearns. In other words, "I'm not going to help you now. Hopefully, you won't care enough to call me tomorrow. If you do, I'll have one of my secretaries take your call. And in a few days, you'll forget about the issue."

-I remember when Mark Schroeder ran the Bishop Timon Lawn Fete. He knew how to organize and create a buzz. I remember him sponsoring one of our youth teams and putting the date of the lawn fete on the jerseys. He also handed us the $125 check on that day. In the years after Schroeder gave up the lawn fete, it dwindled down and now is no more. 

-Contrast that with Kearns, who promised the great staff at Tosh Collins a new television for their game room. Three years later, no television. Schroeder gets things done. Kearns makes promises he has no intention of keeping, and that's the word on him.  

-During Kearns' mayoral run, we gave each player in the 4/5 yr old age group a soccer ball, courtesy of Mickey Kearns. We're still waiting for that check. Little things like this differentiate people in my eyes and I'm going to keep calling it as I see it.

 -Then, there's Sergio. He's in for a rude awakening as to how politics works in these parts. You have to have money or at least know people who have money. People with money do not spend it on long shots. Ever. My advice to him would be to take a no-show job from the Republicans and not waste his summer.

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